Garden “To-Do List” Calendar

Begin your summer planting plans
Add an extra layer of compost around the garden
Water your evergreens regularly as long as temps are above freezing

Begin regular weeding
Add a bit of fertilizer to your borders, shrubs and rose bushes
Remove dead growth

Aerate the lawn and sow grass seed
Repot any of your potted plants to give them some fresh soil
Plant your summer bulbs


Give young trees, shrubs and rose bushes any extra support with stakes
Keep up that weeding and cleaning up the garden beds

Do regular checks for slugs and snails
Place supports for any of your tall perennials
Tidy up any of your early flowering plants

Check for plant lice, pests, rust and other diseases
Fertilize your borders

water your garden regularly

Make sure to start a regular watering schedule to soak plants twice a week
Add a layer of mulch around the bases of your plants
Support and tie up tall plants

Keep ponds and water features cleaned up
Harvest vegetables as they become ripe
Deadhead flowering plants regularly

Feed your lawn with a fall treatment
Take down your hanging baskets and replace with winter friendly plants
Plant evergreens

prep your lawn for fall

Prep your ponds for fall
Clean up greenhouses and garden shed for winter
Divide your perennials
Rake up those leaves and use them as a mulch for perennials

Clean out pots / containers and place them upside down
Keep soil moist around your evergreens
Cover all perennials with a layer of leaves and compost

Disconnect your outside tap and insulate
Pick Christmas greenery from your garden
If frost free…all trees can be pruned and bulbs planted

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