The Reluctant Beekeeper

Beekeeping is not for everyone. It takes a certain mixture of patience, fascination and a bit of courage. But with some research and the right gear, it is possible to begin the journey as a beekeeper and have the satisfaction of working with the amazing creature…the honey bee.

Bee Hives

Do Your Homework

The first place to start is to hit the books (or trusted online sources) to find out what beekeeping is all about. There are many types of beehives and ways to keep bees. It is important to find a method that will work best for you and your space. Another thing to consider is can you afford the proper equipment needed for the correct set-up.

There are also several farms and nurseries that offer classes on beekeeping and the teacher is often plugged into the beekeeping community, making them a valuable resource when you are getting started.

One Thing at A Time

Take your time with getting things set-up and be patient as you learn the ropes. Late winter and early spring is the best time to get things started and planned. Honey bees will begin to swarm and become active in the hives around March or April, depending on the area you live in. In addition to planning for your hive(s), you will want to think out how to keep your bees happy in your own yard. Research the area you live in for the best bee friendly plants that are indigenous to where you live.

Backyard Bees

If you truly want to become a beekeeper, knowledge is key! There is quite a community that surrounds this hobby and they will offer the support you need. The whole process can provide a very satisfying experience…from the time working with the bees to the knowledge of what you are doing to help the environment.

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