Yard and Garden

The yard and garden are full of so many creatures that support the world as we know it. Some are invited like chickens or ducks. Others flutter or fly into our space and contribute to our ecosystem. Supporting these creatures with safe homes and food during the winter months will encourage them to create a mini-ecosystem.

Bat House

Bats are vital to our enviroment and are important to the agricultural industry and backyard farms. Some species of bats and others are insectivores who dine on many night-time insects, including many pests that eats important crops and other pesky insects.

It is often difficult for bats to find places to roost, especially in the spring and summer months. Bats need a place to roost during the day as well as to use as nurseries for their young. Bat Houses, like the ones that Heart of the Hills makes, are perfect places for bats to roost, and are easy for you to place on a farm or even in your backyard.

Bat House

Large Bat House – (houses 40 bats): $60.00 [plus s/h]
Small Bat House – (houses 20-25 bats): $40.00 [plus s/h]

Heart of the Hills has a variety of other products that are made on order or are currently in development or if you have a specific need we can often work with custom orders. Please send us an email or give us a call.

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